This Great Embarrassment of Being!

by Ahmed El-Motassem

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Ahmed El-Motassem is a U.S. based artist. His upcoming release, 'This Great Embarrassment of Being!', is available on iTunes and elsewhere worldwide online beginning December 18th, 2015.


released December 18, 2015

M. Sobhi: Electric bass, keys, piano & guitar
A. El-Motassem: Vocals, drums, additional guitar
Engineered by: Stefan Moessle
Cover art: A. El-Motassem
Ahmed's cover photo: Michael Attias
© Ahmed El-Motassem



all rights reserved
Track Name: Alive

It's good to be alive,
You feel it or you don't,
Intense as the light,
Before stars explode;

Good to be alive,
Lie lie la, la la la la-la la-la!

It's good to be alive,
Making waves in space,
Where cultures collide,
And angels fear to tread!

Good to be alive, so you realize,
Amid the horror of the dehumanized;
We're only passing time, that's how and why,
Most energy's drained, just getting by!

It's good to be alive,
What are the chances, right?
To think of all the sperm that,
Never made it to light!

Good to be alive,
Lie lie la, la la la la-la la-la!

It's good to be alive,
In this cosmic dance,
With hearts on fire,
Oh what a blast!

Burn your bridges, way to go!
And what night will catch you all alone?
Give me your hand, oh feeble man,
Without you I can never see what I am!
Track Name: Savages

On a fair day I would see
The human race in its infancy,
And though the norm can be dull and mean,
We're built to be kind,
Conditioned to see,
Darkness and light,
As eternal enemies!

Here we compete in real time,
And watch others compete in our free time;
Where else can you find such divine

As we fight 'em we forget
We become them at best!

In the eyes of love and suffering,
I saw people flowering,
In the name of rock I began to sing,
And as sea levels rose,
So did empathy,
Like never before,
A state of emergency!

Here we get owned in real time,
Pay to be controlled in our free time;
Where else can you find such civilized

Keeping the order,
Break a new soldier,
God's little bomber;
As we fight 'em we forget
We become that we detest!

You n I,
Eye for an eye,
Till the end of time!
As we fight 'em we forget
We become them at best!
Track Name: Burns to Heal
Burns to Heal

You can be true like words that fall
Like alcohol on a wound!
True like words, don't wanna hear!
True like words, burn to heal!
True like words, bring out
That sleeping tiger in you babe!

I know you'd rather go on, in the shadow of it all,
Than to be shocked in a manner that would hurt you,
By pushing those buttons which open up doors,
To the last place(s) in the world you'd want to be seen in,
Dead or alive!

Your words like x-rays,
Pierce through layers of our twisted existence;
Or worn as masks, as we unmask the infinite;
You can be warm as words, bring out
Some sour notes distilled in subtle restraint!

I know I can't go on, in my proven dead ways,
To which I slavishly gravitate,
Having seen we can be real for a change,
With a saddened awareness that fell,
Like alcohol on a wound,
Let it fall, let it feel,
Let it burn, burns to heal!
It can be a song a victory, after defeat!
Can be a song a victory, as in death deceived!
Can be a song a victory, the reason we meet!
Can be a song a victory, all in good heat!

Thank you for the word, thank you for the burning,
Thank you for the lack of care and understudying,
Thank you for the link, burst my side laughing,
Thank you for the cash, kept me floating.
Thank you for everything and nothing!
Track Name: Bad Old Friend
Bad Old Friend

So you thought enemies can't
be better than friends,
Thought I was a fan
of your insolence,
So I played the part
of the silent complicit;
Slightly embittered,
I stretched it to the limit;
Before I finally held a mirror to your face,
Of shadows you did cast and culture you've defaced,
And it was more than the little man in, you could take,
And I thought, humorless dog gimme a break!

It ain't easy to let go of you, bad old friend,
As I see me from your view,
Walking on eggshells, just to talk to you!

You said you wished to see me
Homeless for a night,
Said you wished to be me,
I understand you've had a hard life,
As children of the darkness
Who long for light,
Like you I didn't care what's true,
So long as I won the fight;
But you sold your soul to the first and only theory
You were blackmailed as a child to believe,
Those early days blank as a page soon to be filled,
They promised you life if only you could stand still!

It ain't easy to let go of you, bad old friend,
Like none of it ever meant a thing to you
The inmost self I shared with you!
It ain't easy to let go of you, bad old friend!
Can't take the cold anymore than you do
Take the time, to define, time!
Now it hurts hanging on to you,
Spreading the word that I'm not really me,
But a photo you stab at before you go to sleep!
Track Name: Best of Men
Best of Men

I heard of a man who told a tale,
Of primitive days in a primitive way,
Where people killed for water and shade,
And a few saw god in every face.
Worshipers of tradition, now and then,
Called him the best of men,
For some kind words he said,
Said its exact opposite as well!

I heard of a man who heard voices,
Apparently tempted by demons and angels,
To let his Children of Rage freely roam,
And bring a message of peace under threat of war;
Worshipers of the dead, now and then,
They called him the best of men,
For many kind words he said,
Did its exact opposite as well!

I heard a woman with a vocal chord,
That parted seas as Moses of old,
When she sang nations begged for more,
For a while they were gentle souls!
Worshippers of beauty now and then,
Called her the best of men,
Though at times what she did and said,
Just rang hollow as a living dead!

So if you're looking for
The final word on everything,
Better shield yourself from all,
Who says there's no such thing,
As to keep up the pretense
Of worshipped archetypes;
For one can only make sense,
To equally imbalanced minds!
Track Name: This Great Embarrassment of Being!
This Great Embarrassment Of Being!

Come out into the light,
Come in from out of sight;
You may hide, oh holy one
Behind masks of the many,
See how it feels,
To be Pirate Jenny,
Lie your way out of hell,
Die for nothing, live to tell,
You are it,
The one who bought and sold the world,
Didn't know what else to do with it!

Embrace the dark night of my soul,

In god informed, in love transformed;

Such heresy not welcome here,

Not by the reality police!

One more chance was all I hoped,
To serve as a bone in an oligarchy's throat;
Just one more great forward leap,

Before I go into the endless sleep;

Now as we punish man land air and sea,

To force-fit some vision of you and me,
Playing ghosts in a machine,
Crushed in its violent monotony,
Once upon a life dream!

Embrace the dark night of my soul,

In suffering informed, in love transformed;

Such heresy not welcome here,

For heaven's kingdom to be shared equally!

When there's a pill to kill all pain,
To happily serve the death of me,
Take me away on a soma holiday,
Can't take a risk on a wretch like me!

Don't need that negative positive thinking

Forcing its angry peace on me,

Just to avoid confronting,

This great embarrassment of being!