Legal Fiction

by Ahmed El-Motassem

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released January 1, 2006

Ahmed El-Motassem: vocals
Michaël Attias: saxophones, backing vocal
Evan Gallagher: keyboards, bass, backing vocal
Igal Foni: drums
Arrangements: M. Attias
Mix: A. El-Motassem, M. Attias
Produced by A. El-Motassem and M. Attias
Engineers: Paul Jacobs at Mark Dann Studio
Aaron Brady at Smack Studio (CBS Studio Affiliate)
Masterering: Brett Hammond at B-3 Music Productions
Cover art: A. El-Motassem
Photography: Anja Hitzenberger
SPECIAL THANKS: To my friends & band, to my uncle Kader & Fifi, to Anja Hitzenberger, Edward Ratliff, Aaron Brady, Michelle Di Bucci, Reut Regev, Bassam Zawahri & Risa Inoue
© Ahmed El-Motassem



all rights reserved
Track Name: I Want to be You (#2)
You’ve got so much that I don’t have, you’re perfect!
Said the little man fan, to himself;
Oh what style, what showmanship, it’s you that I worship;
And I want to be you,
I want to be you,
Oh you man god, oh you man goddess!
You’re the best, I’m the rest,
I could steal your looks, walk your walk,
Touch my skin while thinkin I’m someone else,
Or hide inside what my mind makes out of you;
Some days I wake up wishing to be,
A character preserved inside a movie,
And wouldn’t it be a perfect fantasy!
So you play your major god role, me stuck in my minor dog role;
Why? my real self it seems like someone I’m always preparing to be... Until then, and as for now here;
I want to be you,
I’d give all my money!
I want to be you, take my time too;
I want to be you, when it’s me I can’t stand;
I want to be you, oh so bad!
I want to be you, all so evolved yet ever so insecure;
I want to be you, forever youth!
Track Name: Seeing
Seeing how you see me, it ain’t easy,
no really it may even hurt me,
but it would hurt even more not to see how you see me,
in my way of thinking, in my server uniform,
in my way of falling in love!
Seeing how you see me, it confuses you young man,
myself I’d rather be true to it than happy for it;
I could see in your eyes the anxiety
of a programmed brain, rushing to get there ...
I could see in your eyes the unoriginality of innocence;
and it gives me a great relief hence, seeing how you see me;
gives me some peace of mind that is, seeing how you see me!
For you people are either angels or assholes,
For you I am but a two dimensional character,
For you I am time the stranger,
For you I am death getting closer!
Seeing how you see me, from your condemnation cell,
in my little suffering, for you I must be somewhat lucky;
to do what I love or take a walk by the riverside, there
I watch people turn to monsters of our childhood nightmares,
watch my friends turn into the uncles we used to see as mean,
when we were children,
as the uncles enviously watched the young ones
so fresh and new grow ....
For sure no one plans to be a sad old fool,
had it not been for the bitterness of death,
stealing our lives too soon!
Seeing how you see me, as though single with no dependents,
I’m humbled by the awareness of the soul’s wilderness!
Seeing how you see me, walk into the world like a blind man,
it’s a rude awakening, beyond anger, beyond my your fault!
For you I am the shadow side,
For you I am a scary unknown,
For you I am freedom lies,
For you I am the last you need know!
Track Name: Anything for You
Anything for you, anything I’d do,
If you take me for what I am;
Anything for you, anything I’ll do,
If you take me for what I’m not;
I could be watching leaves fall or commit suicide,
But we don’t see the same tree
Nor pee in the same river twice!
Anything for you, anything I’d do,
To meet your dead line;
The lone I took to pay you Must be returned by Monday night;
I could’a been you
And you the vulture blackmailer instead,
In my shoe, in a motel room,
Someone trying put a bullet in your head!
Some do it for love, some do it for crack,
Some do it for god, ‘n’ all does it for the devil;
Some do it for reward, others do it for doing,
Some do it to be on top, ‘n’ all does it for a living!
Anything for you, anything is true,
Though at some point in one’s life,
There comes a war
Where all is bound to take sides;
When it’s witch hunting season again my friend,
Say goodbye to cruelty before the world hits a dead end!
Anything for you, anything I’ll do,
To get my legal hands on those patents,
For global seed, gene engineered,
And when it’s time to intervene,
I’d bomb Iraqi,
Bring the third world home for you baby,
And for every Yankee!
Some do it for fame, some do it for blood,
All does it in the name of being human;
Some do it for to be transformed,
Some do it for to be torn,
Some do it for naked in the sun,
Others do it only in the dark!
Track Name: Living Not Alive
No need to apologize for letting down the crowd,
Say you changed your mind to a private suicide;
Don’t think we deserve to die, it happens all the time,
The dead rule and feed on the living!
I know you know I’ve been there,
Most embarrassing of all,
How so full of it I was, In the eyes of the one who knows;
Who knows we’re living, not alive,
Shadows in a cave with our backs to the light;
And lives to see a new born rise,
Sky after sky, night after night!
I don’t apologize for being so alive,
Don’t need your TV eyes to suck
my mind; We got our dream machine, heaven is the limit-less,
In a mental prison we fear, some freedom may hurt us!
Some will take all your shit And give the gift of life,
Others will suck all the light
And leave shit behind;
As though they’re living, not alive,
On a sight seeing tour for the blind;
Yet even Satan ought to get to heaven someday,
Some bright new day following a season in hell,
With no enemy left to love but oneself!
Track Name: I Belong to You
You did not raise me as a man,
You wanted an ass or a monkey!
You did not raise me to understand,
But to say yes and be a good donkey!
You wanted a child to tie down your wife,
You did not want a free thinker.
You wished for some super-athlete;
To make up for your unfulfilled dreams!
You’ve always denied all I stood for,
As words of man, not words of god!
When you stood in your glass house,
Throwing stones,
We could no longer talk for as long,
As you could no never go wrong!
I could hear your voice on my death bed,
Hissing in my ear the word ‘repent’,
For me it’s sad we can’t get along in
this life; For you I never grow, never die!
You never listened to a dream I dreamt;
Ya-la la-la, la-la la-la la!
And in my life treated me like I’m dead;
Ya-la la-la, la-la la-la la!
As we now stand as one family,
Enemies by ideology,
Still in your eyes I could only be;
That five year old child!
I belong to you; I don’t belong to you!
I belong to you; I don’t belong to you!

You never listened to a dream I dreamt, Ya-la la-la, la la-la la! In my life treated me like I’m dead, Ya-la la-la, la la-la la!
You never took my side of the story, I belong to you, I don’t belong to you! I belong to you, I don’t belong to you!
Track Name: Performer
Well I’m glad I stayed awake and did not sleep,
As I normally do at this hour of night,
For this is more than a full moon through my window,
A responsibility I assume for my act,
As I’ll sing, do what I must do,
To save my sanity, be my message;
Though please don’t just believe me,
Say what you mean by you love me;
Aren’t you scared,
Of being a small person saying big words?
Aren’t you scared,
Walking on stage, with hardly a soul to see your show?
Aren’t you scared,
As was Galileo Galilei, to have a fatwa issued for your head?!
Oh please try and understand,
It’s only theater so may as well,
Exorcise our bad in the form of a kind act;
When you know you got something special to offer,
Then comes an unknown, like you,
And tells you in a voice green with envy, ‘Oh I wouldn’t be so sure!’ And you think well, what do you know, to be fair,
Of lost souls on the heights of despair!
Now it’s hard to believe in your act,
As your friends may lie to you,
So you better know it when you’re good,
You better know it when you’re bad!
So you go tell you your story,
As you would do good and throw it in the sea;
Hoping for a new season of reason,
As another Winter will come,
Yet another winter will come,
Yet another Winter...!
Think everybody thinks you’re crazy,
then apologize for a stupid mistake;
Everybody got their inner demons,
dormant chained or out in your face!
What if this is only a song,
should that make it any less real?
What if this is only a testing,
would you bear a responsibility as god playing the fool?!
Oh master of the storm, feel the sick and mad,
Be their tour guide to light, on their souls’ dark night!
I see you asleep unable to appreciate beauty,
Unable to hear what you sound like sounds like,
outside your own head;
Something is eating you,
perhaps an expression of your inner status;
Your god depends on your place of birth,
Your view depends on who told you first;
Strange is life in its contradictions,
testing you all the time it’s true,
Hard it is to achieve that balance,
between who you are and what you do!
Oh master of the storm, shake us out of this unreality,
Let a world struck by tragic, once more come alive with magic
With my head in the clouds, feet on the ground,
I dread that gap in-between, a bite to eat and a reason to be,
a place to sleep and a dream to believe in!
What if life becomes a deadly addiction,
with no prison room to expand?
What if it’s a matter of legal fiction,
wasn’t it your signature on the contract?!
Oh master of the storm, absorb various shock,
soft as a sponge, hard as a rock;
Oh master of the storm, anytime now welcome home;
The way you come and go, in on the one and out on the four!