Eggman and Divine Inner Band

by Ahmed El-Motassem

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released May 29, 2012

Masterering Village Digital by Hortencio Gomes
Cover art A. El-Motassem
Cover photo Adam Cohen
Mounir Sobhi plays keys & percussion on track 5.
Michael Attias plays alto sax on track 2.
Many thanks to Uncle Kader, Fathia El-Bashuty, Mounir Sobhi, Michaël Attias, Igal Foni, Reut Regev, Edward Ratliff & J.R.
Total playing time: 49 minutes
© Ahmed El-Motassem



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Rock N Roll Philosophy Minute
If I were to tell you that you ought to believe every word I say, that if you didn’t, you might become a resident in the biggest torture center in the universe, designed by me, so that the eternal damnation of the likes of you may be executed... if I were to tell you, a grown person, such words, you would probably think I ought to be placed in a psychiatric ward. But if I were to tell you the same thing when you were 5 years old, and tell you that those weren’t my words but the words of almighty god, creator of the universe; then you might get real scared, for life. Scared to see for yourself outside the box of subconscious thought that you live and die in, as fish deep in the ocean. The poorly defined words you worship become empty shells of rusty old lies which often mean the exact opposite of what they claim to be; and it all takes place behind your eyes. Heaven is a place in your mind, your mind is a place in your body.
Track Name: You Become the Enemy
I saw you standing by the backstage door,
Like a freak out accident waiting to happen;
Down Coney Island with The New York Dolls,
In the year 07,
It was the last I saw you close to god,
The last I saw of you in heaven!
Well you’ve asked for it so then be it,
A recipe for disaster;
As you deny the real,
And worship an imposter ...
You become the enemy,
You become the enemy, in time!
You become the enemy, the unseen within.
... And so we meet again, same place, at a different stage of the game; Now with everyday you come out of your shell,
Can’t bear the embarrassment you call yourself;
As you wake up in a daze, pale and out of breath,
Surrounded by faces and voices,
Asking you if you’re dead!
So you gather what’s left of your strength,
To stand up and look for any signs of sanity,
Away from the maddening machines sound;
So as to keep you from falling, off the edge,
Of this slippery side of town;
Into the abyss, where you...
You become the enemy,
And you thought this can’t happen here!
You become the enemy,
Freedom isn’t free!
You become the enemy,
Dare you dance with me?
Track Name: Sky Daddy (Define the Divine)
You got me all wrong, thought I was god when I was the devil all along;
It’s not funny, now you gonna die, thinking you were wrong,
And I was right! Call me Sky Daddy, think I’ll set you free; Should you close your mind and follow me! So please don’t believe a word I say, Think for yourself every step of the way!
You got me all wrong, thought I was god when I was the devil all along;
It’s not funny, now you gonna die thinking I was wrong,
And you were right!
You made a soul gamble, put all your eggs in one basket;
Believed the angel in your dream, was sent by me!
So we can agree to disagree,
Should you define the divine as cold and mean!
Call me Sky Daddy, kill/die for me;
I dwell in the place where the dead don’t dream!
Track Name: The Ghost
Well I read about it long before it happened to me,
Some people will make up an enemy,
Of the one who tells them that they’re free,
To walk through walls that aren’t real!
You talk to me as if I’m unaware of my pain;
So lets hope you’ve enjoyed your little game; -break my heart!-
Thought i was going crazy, till i heard you say:
There’s been a change, change of heart!
That voices of forgotten ancestors have taken over your brains;
I asked you to take me to your leader,
The invisible man in the sky who claims,
All credit for all that is god!
And don’t you think I know I’m the ghost?
Of the man I was not long before,
Some wicked storm took my home...
Now with all that history behind me I try,
To not lose brightness in time;
With a face like earth, soul as the universe,
The human divine rose through the music of words!
So we can do it civilized or do it ugly,
You won’t digest me should you ever care to swallow me;
I know it’s out of duty that you get nasty,
Your dirty mind makes an infidel out of me!
And who are you to tell me how to sing my blues?
Having spent your life avoiding to be in my shoes...
Thought I was just being paranoid,
When I was only being poisoned by your switch, boy,
From extra warm to deep freeze,
I found love scary within such fragile extremes!
Don’t you think I see through the dreamless road?
To gain a narrow view and lose the picture as a whole;
Never rise to states of euphoric glow,
Nor heed the wilderness call,
Then into the shadows silently fall!
Don’t you think I know I’m the ghost?
Some amazing show that no one saw!
Now down n out you go, in the city of sin,
Like a dog looking for a private space to die in;
Makin’a scene at your neighborhood store,
Yet can’t be heard nor seen anymore!
Track Name: Secret Dance
Standing at a crossroad,
As an empire you rise n fall;
Deep in debt, up in smoke,
Me the joker me the joke;
I get a kick out of nights like this,
A dance in heaven, a song of bliss...
The dreamer may not make it,
But will keep the dream alive!
(Chorus) So won’t you join my secret dance,
You don’t have to but you may laugh,
You can do it on any given floor,
Don’t forget my share of gold,
And take a chance on a secret dance,
If to be yourself while it lasts!
I know it can get to you,
Words that kill or madness of moon;
Yet fear nothing at heart,
Some people have no clue who they are,
Why... all that self-confidence is but a programmed lie!
(Chorus) So won’t you join my secret dance,
It goes something like this...
And just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there;
Yes just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it’s there!
You can do it on any given floor,
As if on a planet on your own,
Take a chance on a sacred dance,
If to be someone else while it lasts!
Little Big Feet, a cat in heat,
Tooth-chipped wanna be groupie;
Suddenly they all want a piece of me;
So if you be so kind, as to feel my vibe,
And let me show you my secret dance,
Come now, be a man!
(Chorus) Let me show my secret dance,
Banned in Wahabi Land;
I, Sin Sing, sang,
Under the name One Man Band,
And just because you say I can’t do that,
Doesn’t mean I wanna do it so bad... now does it?!
Track Name: Ghod's Casino
Gambler gambler, must you please your dark master?
He wants you here on this earth, a dying poor rich bastard;
He wants you here begging down on your knees,
To ca$h in your soul for a pocket full of fears!
Here at Ghod’s Casino, it’s a world upside down,
Words often don’t make it as sounds;
A world with little-to-no mystery,
Walled in his voice of authority;
Only if you believe, only if you believe....!
Oooh Gambler, seeking security in the hereafter;
Yet it’s all in your head, that a sacred text turns into toxic matter!
Like an addict trapped between a carrot n a stick;
Gotta keep coming back to this house of worship.
Here at Ghod’s Casino, it’s a world upside down,
A house of belief atop a volcano of doubt!
Here at Ghod’s Casino, there’s nothing left
to seek, But to see knowledge as a mere mockery;
That may your loss be his victory;
Only if you believe...
In your unexamined reality, as you die to please,
The enemy of humanity, when it’s only you n me!
... And what does it say about me, to defend he who keeps me
Scared to ever leave the cage that I was born to break free?!
Track Name: Maybe for the Best
It may be for the best, that you love me no more,
It may be for the best, god made you cold;
It may be for the best of the rest of us all,
Your secrecy has lost its walls!
It may be for the best, you stayed on the outside,
Seeing the world in the light of your own lies,
May be for the best, suddenly you feel small,
A drop of all you know in a sea of unknown!
May it bring out the best in you,
A strength you never knew;
May it be a cause to strive,
A reason to want to get up alive!
It may be for the best, you just lost your dad,
Just when you thought you’ve been had;
It may be for the best, you ain’t got
no brain, may be for the best, the jury saw you insane!
May be for the best, that your parents separate,
It may be best, to do nothing but contemplate!
May be for the best, the way it left you speechless,
May be for the best, your greatest weakness!
May it bring out the best in you,
An epiphany to show you through,
The genius in every fool,
Or just a soul to fine tune!
may it bring out the best in you,
As holy visions of lonely truth,
May it blow your perception doors open wide,
With quantum leaps to the other side;
May it bring out the best in you,
As roses out of the blue!
Track Name: Being Here Now
Sitting multi-tasking, through easy access
To the information highway;
You can meet anybody without meeting anybody,
Be somewhere anywhere without being there!
It’s all here, on screen,
You no longer see me as a person dear,
When you turn me on, turn me off, as a TV!
Sitting clicking impatiently,
Leaving no room for deep thought to breathe;
Your eyes seem blank, missing in action,
Looking for a distraction from a distraction!
It’s all here, war and peace,
My divided mind prevents me,
From being here now, It’s all we’ve got somehow;
It’s all here, sci-fi dreams,
You no longer see me as a person dear,
But a memory file, you may delete,
Just like that guy,
In ‘eternal sunshine Of the spotless mind’!
Track Name: The Upside of All This Down
You could be an ex-marine,
Trapped inside a recurring dream,
Try to run, but can’t find your feet;
You may be the new james dean, or rock n roll christ,
You may say bad to mean good, or wrong for right,
Try hard to fit in a world that hates your type;
And just like any good person,
Capable of sorrowful deeds,
Deep in your heart of hearts,
Yourself and you may disagree;
Just like like that little man in my head,
Who hates my life and wants me dead;
Sometimes it’s hard to reason,
With an idea pretending to be a person,
Specially when that person is you,
And the idea is in part true!
You may be shaped like clay,
Or a tragic character from Tennessee
Williams’ play; You may dream of being a giant insect,
Try and hide your monstrous development,
Then wake up to find it’s been no dream,
Just the way friends look like with H.I.V.!
U may subscribe to a far right extreme...
Or see heaven as the R.N.C.;
U may’ve been around for a thousand years,
Living off the blood of our darkest fears;
U may be trained to never say no,
But you never know...!
So may you rise out of your state of pain,
And obsessive routines that chain your days,
Just to keep you looking sane,
In the eyes of others who feel just the same,
With a heart like a ghost town,
And a mind full of sound, I die a little everyday to get there,
On the upside of all this down!
Rise out of your state of pain,
And all that blood thirsty vengeance;
Some say God did it just to prove a point,
Sink a Titanic as to fill his own void!
... Just like that Donald Duck in my head,
Canceling out his existence,
In soulless intolerance!
may you rise out of your state of pain!