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Burns to Heal

You can be true like words that fall
Like alcohol on a wound!
True like words, don't wanna hear!
True like words, burn to heal!
True like words, bring out
That sleeping tiger in you babe!

I know you'd rather go on, in the shadow of it all,
Than to be shocked in a manner that would hurt you,
By pushing those buttons which open up doors,
To the last place(s) in the world you'd want to be seen in,
Dead or alive!

Your words like x-rays,
Pierce through layers of our twisted existence;
Or worn as masks, as we unmask the infinite;
You can be warm as words, bring out
Some sour notes distilled in subtle restraint!

I know I can't go on, in my proven dead ways,
To which I slavishly gravitate,
Having seen we can be real for a change,
With a saddened awareness that fell,
Like alcohol on a wound,
Let it fall, let it feel,
Let it burn, burns to heal!
It can be a song a victory, after defeat!
Can be a song a victory, as in death deceived!
Can be a song a victory, the reason we meet!
Can be a song a victory, all in good heat!

Thank you for the word, thank you for the burning,
Thank you for the lack of care and understudying,
Thank you for the link, burst my side laughing,
Thank you for the cash, kept me floating.
Thank you for everything and nothing!


from This Great Embarrassment of Being!, released December 18, 2015
Words & music: A. El-Motassem



all rights reserved